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English Presentation Careful Planning vs. Creativity

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English Presentation Careful Planning vs. Creativity

English Presentation Careful Planning vs. creativity

Handout Provided by the Lecturer

  1. According to the lecturer, which one of the following attributes (creativity or careful planning) carries more weight when it comes to your success and accomplishment in life?
  2. What is the first step you should know to solve a problem?
  3. What is the second step that you should take to deal with a problem successfully?
  4. In which specific cases, is creativity much more important than planning?
  5. In which cases does careful planning turn out to be more effective than creativity to cope with the problems?

Corrective Feedback

  1. You are making too many pauses in your presentation. For the first time, it’s OK. However, you need to rehearse more and get more prepared.
  2. The way you articulate the words is never close to the way native speakers or advanced learners speak. You need to refine your intonation, in particular.
  3. Before your presentation, you need to refer to your dictionary as many times as required to make certain about the pronunciation of the words, especially stress patterns.
  4. Being creativity :arrow: being creative
  5. It helps people comes up with :arrow: it helps people to come up with …
  6. Both of them is :arrow: both of them are
  7. A controversial question which is rised :arrow: … which is raised
  8. The combination of creativity and careful planning play :arrow: … plays
  9. On the other hands :arrow: on the other hand
  10. People need a creativity :arrow: people need creativity
  11. Creativity is very important than planning :arrow: creativity is more important than planning
  12. We need the creativity :arrow: we need creativity
  13.  Mispronunciations:
    1. Examine: /ɪgˈzæm.ɪn/
    2. Specific: /spəˈsɪf.ɪk/
    3. Doubt: /daʊt/
    4. Indicator: /ˈɪn.dɪ.keɪ.təʳ/ US /ˈɪn.dɪ.keɪ.tɚ/
    5. Success:  /səkˈses/
    6. Complicated: /ˈkɒm.plɪ.keɪ.tɪd/ US /ˈkɑːm.plɪ.keɪ.ţɪd/

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Topic: English Presentation Careful Planning vs. Creativity

LELB Society’s Lecturer: Hanieh

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