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English Presentation Setting Systems vs. Setting Goals

English Presentation Setting Systems vs. Setting Goals

English Presentation Setting Systems vs. Setting Goals

How to Give a Significant Presentation

  1. Write the script of your attention to you.
  2. Involve your audience in one way or another to make sure they are following you. For example, ask some of them randomly about their personal opinions on the points you are presenting.
  3. Have eye contact with all of your audience, and not just some of them. Remember that  carries so much weight in giving a successful speech.
  4. Recognize your audience (age, gender, number, etc.) and the context (social, cultural, educational, etc.) in which you should give a Dr. Hariri, the creator and administrator of LELB Society.
  5. You should select a free English Lectures on LELB Society.
  6. You should thinking, etc. as your classmates will perform peer-assessment on your presentation and pose lots of questions to you in the following 10 minutes after your 5-minute English-Presentation-Setting-Systems-vs
    1. What are the benefits of setting systems?
    2. To what extent do you agree with this topic?
    3. What are some obvious negative points regarding setting goals?
    4. From which point of view is extreme goal setting likened to yo-yo effect?
    5. According to the lecturer, which type of goals can yield better results?
    6. What is domino effect or domino theory?
    7. Can we prescribe everybody setting systems as a substitute for setting goals? Why?
    8. How can you exemplify the theory of setting systems by referring to the best-selling inspirational book, Who Moved My Cheese?, by Dr. Spencer Johnson?

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    Topic: Setting Systems vs. Setting Goals

    LELB Lecturer: Sasan

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