English Presentation NASA and Space Exploration

English Presentation NASA English Presentation NASA Handout Provided by the Lecturer When and how was NASA founded? What is the genre of the movie, Armageddon? What is the main plot of this movie? What was the end result of NASA’s collaboration with Speedo Company in 2008? Who or what are extraterrestrials? Why can’t astronauts use pens … Read more

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    • Thank you for making this request. Unfortunately, I cannot transcribe and define all the words used in this 6-minute presentation. However, I can show you how to transcribe any audio or video file.
      1. Go to Google Docs.
      2. Go to the tab of Tools.
      3. Select Voice Type from Tools Tab.
      4. Play any video or audio file, and Voice Typing will start transcribing the entire file to you.
      I hope you’ll find it useful.

  1. Some of my true wish
    When I was a child it was one of my most important wishes to be part of NASA.
    Now I am thinking that it was my best wishes that never happened to me and I became nothing.
    A weird thing comes to mind if I hadn’t such a most important wish then what did I become!?

  2. 2 – Is it the right story that NASA spend much money and time to make a pen who work carefully in the space? They didn’t know what method do Russian astronauts use. After about one year and a failed project to make that pen they understood that Russians use PENCIL. Simple and useful? :D

  3. 1- I Think NASA made herself stronger during cold war. It was a chance for NASA to receive more from US Government. What was other relationship between NASA’s activity and cold war ?

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