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English Negotiation | Extraterrestrials

2001: A Space Odyssey explained in Film Criticism Course forum for ESL students

English Negotiation | Extraterrestrials English Negotiation | Extraterrestrials Topic for Negotiation: We are not alone in the universe, and there certainly exist extraterrestrials living on other planets. Watch this video on YouTube. Arash agrees.  Dr. Hariri disagrees. Note Remember that a negotiation is NOT a lecture or monologue, and you should take equal turns in…

Bermuda Triangle | A Listening Practice Course

IELTS Listening Practice LELB Society

Bermuda Triangle | A Listening Practice Course   Bermuda Triangle| A Listening Practice Course Listen to this audio file. Hover your mouse cursor over the hyperlinks (clickable phrases) to access their English definitions with examples and illustrations.  Selected Text Source: www.wikipedia.org The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a loosely-defined region in…