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Inside Out Movie Review & Analysis in Film Criticism Course

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      Inside Out movie review and analysis in film criticism course forum for advanced ESL students based on the English Immersion Program

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      Inside Out movie review

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      The director of this animated movie, Docter, conceived Inside Out in October 2009 after observing changes in his daughter’s personality as she grew older. The project was subsequently green-lit, and Docter and co-director Ronnie del Carmen, who consulted psychologists and neuroscientists in an effort to accurately portray the mind, developed its story. Development took five-and-a-half years on a budget of approximately $175 million. Significant changes to the film’s story and characters delayed the film’s production schedule.

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      Inside Out movie trailer

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      If you cannot see the embedded video below, click here to watch Inside Out movie trailer directly.

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      Armaghan Houshmand

      I watched this animation for the first time when it was released. It tells the story of a girl’s emotions and explores the reasons behind her reactions. For example, it reveals the underlying causes of her quick temper and irritability. I also appreciated how the film highlighted the fact that joy and happiness aren’t always the best solutions to problems; sometimes we need to cry in order to improve our mood.

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        In fact, happiness is a relative quality or state of mind, which takes its value in interaction with some other emotions. If we don’t experience sadness, we can never truly appreciate the feelings of joy and happiness, and vice versa.

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      This animation reminds us that all emotions are a gift, even the ones we don’t like and push away. We should allow ourselves to feel what we feel. If we are sad and in pain, we should allow it to come to the surface in order to be able to heal. Sadness, pain, and all these low-level energies are a gift, telling us that something is not in the right order. Remember, the most deadly diseases are the ones that don’t make you feel pain.

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        A wise and mindful person should always pay attention to their emotions and analyze them. Our emotions, feelings, and even dreams can tell us much about our current mental health and psychological wellbeing.

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      Soroosh Houshmand

      This animation is really heart touching and shows our emotions and how we should control them and communicate in different situations like sad situations that make’s us cry. I think emotions are really important that if we know that how to control them and how to use them, we could be really good in communicate with others and be so successful.

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        As you mentioned, the ability to control our emotions skillfully is so crucial for having a balanced mind and fulfilling life.

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