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English Vocabulary about Happiness and Sadness

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English Vocabulary about Happiness and Sadness

English Vocabulary about Happiness and Sadness

Behind the eight ball

I’m really behind the eight ball at work. I have too much work to do but we can’t afford to hire anyone to help out((assist – help)).


If it’s (of) any consolation (to you), you’re not the only one he was rude to.

I didn’t know what to say – I just offered a few words of consolation.


Having lost her favorite job, she looked dejected for an entire week.


A disgruntled former employee is being blamed for the explosion.

The players were disgruntled with the umpire.


a dismal expression

What dismal weather!


She claimed that the way she had been treated at work had caused her extreme emotional and psychological distress.


a doleful expression


They were in a state of euphoria for days after they won the prize.


A sense of exultation


Frustrated with her progress in her music lessons, she eventually quit learning how to play the piano.


What gloomy weather we’re having!

The cemetery is a gloomy place.

In seventh heaven

I was in seventh heaven when I realized I had won the "LotteryLottery (noun)
/ˈlɒt.ər.i/ US /ˈlɑː.ţɚ-/ a gambling game in which some numbered tickets are sold and some people are selected as the winners with prizes – a situation or activity that is dependent on chance or luck – bingo – risk – chance: He won the lottery the very first time he attended it.“>lottery.


a jaunty grin((broad smile))/step.
When he came back his hat was at a jaunty angle and he was smiling.


His jocose manner was unsuitable for such a solemn((serious and formal)) occasion.


a jolly smile/manner/mood

She’s a very jolly, upbeat((optimistic and cheerful)) sort of a person.

I love the bright yellow you’ve painted the children’s room – it makes it look really jolly.


A cursory look at his results was enough to make him jubilant at his academic success.


melancholy autumn days

a melancholy piece of music


I cannot tolerate moody children.

Teenagers tend to become rather moody.


She was still mourning for her brother.

Red-letter day

The day I first set foot in America was a red-letter day for me.


a somber atmosphere/voice/face

He wore a somber black suit.


They stood in stunned silence beside the bodies.

I am stunned and saddened by this news.


His miserable life has been a complete tragedy replete with suffering and wretchedness.


It seemed as though the whole city had turned out for their team’s triumphant homecoming.
He emerged triumphant from the court after all the charges against him were dropped because of a lack of evidence.


Come down to earth and don’t act as if you’re living in a utopia society.


Unlike his prosperous((wealthy and rich)) adulthood, he used to have a wretched childhood.

English Vocabulary about Happiness and Sadness

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