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Reply To: Dead Poets Society Criticism in Film Criticism Course

Armaghan Houshmand

1. Carpe diem means seize the day, living in the moment and to live deliberately. This phrase is the central theme of this movie, when Neil, Todd and other boys of the group decide to somehow try living a fulfilling life and do what Keating told them.
2. 8.5 is my score to this movie. I really enjoyed the plot and the actings. I found this movie really inspiring especially to young people and teenagers.
3. When I was in highschool and middleschool, students tended to like teachers with more understanding. I guess what most of the teenagers are looking for is someone to comprehend them. And John Keating was one of those teachers, he helped his students to opens their eyes to a new attitude of living. He wasn’t strict on students but more a friend. He was someone that they could go to and talk.