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Reply To: 12 Angry Men Movie Review in Film Criticism Course Forum

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12 Angry Men had been in my films collection for a long time, and I was not tempted to watch it. When I watched it for the first time over the last week, I began to appreciate the wisdom and justice sensitivity the film was trying to instill in the viewer. As mentioned in the film, “prejudice obscures the truth” and for this reason, the protagonist was doing his best to combat against injustice.

The main character was so intuitive and smart and was able to modestly convince the other 11 jury members, especially the antagonist, to change their mind about the defendant. The protagonist refused to take it for granted that the convict was guilty simply by relying on insufficient evidence.

Initially, the antagonist and the majority of the jury members were merely offering or using sophistry to obfuscate the truth, fundamentally the antagonist, who was a sadist. However, through critical thinking and inductive reasoning, every piece of evidence against the accused person was successfully falsified.