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Reply To: Psycho Movie Summary and Analysis in Film Criticism

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Psycho is one of the most mysterious and thrilling movies I’ve ever watched. The film which is based on a novel is psychologically grounded on some issues, such as dissociative identity disorder, Oedipus Complex in Freudian Psychology, and others.

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The first time I watched Psycho, I thought Marion was the main character or protagonist. Then to my astonishment, she was murdered by the motel owner. Afterwards, I thought the private investigator could solve the puzzle. Then again, I was taken by surprise when he, too, got killed by Norman Bates, the motel owner.

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What’s more, I had no idea Marion’s sister would be the one who could unravel the mystery, which indeed was the climax of the story and concealed to me till the last moment.

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To truly understand the sophisticated plot of the story, you need to watch it at least three times as recommended by renowned films critics. Yet, when well-understood, you could realize how dangerous and life-threatening a psychopath can be to other people.