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My Late Father My Most Valuable Person in Life Forum

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Farhang Hooshmand

My late father was the most valuable person in my life. I owe everything to him. He paved the way for me to have a good future. He had this insight that knowledge is most precious thing in the life. When I was an adolescent boy for a couple of years my father had serious financial problems but against that he sent me to one of the best schools of that time and never cut anything from the money that was necessary for my education. I understood and felt the difficulties that my parents had and the sacrifices that they did . That was a big motivation for me and encouraged me to tried harder and studied more to compensate a part of their efforts and made them happy. I did my best and most of the time I was top student in my classes and at last was accepted in Shiraz medical school entrance exam. Now whenever I look back I notice that everything that I and my family have is in reality the result of my parent sacrifices and efforts. God bless them.