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The Most Valuable Person in Your Life English Forum

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      Who is the most valuable person or the most important person in your life? What are you willing to do in order to improve your relationship with that person? Are you ready to act on it?

      Note. If this is a personal question, you can simply avoid mentioning that person’s name or identity.

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      Farhang Hooshmand

      My late father was the most valuable person in my life. I owe everything to him. He paved the way for me to have a good future. He had this insight that knowledge is most precious thing in the life. When I was an adolescent boy for a couple of years my father had serious financial problems but against that he sent me to one of the best schools of that time and never cut anything from the money that was necessary for my education. I understood and felt the difficulties that my parents had and the sacrifices that they did . That was a big motivation for me and encouraged me to tried harder and studied more to compensate a part of their efforts and made them happy. I did my best and most of the time I was top student in my classes and at last was accepted in Shiraz medical school entrance exam. Now whenever I look back I notice that everything that I and my family have is in reality the result of my parent sacrifices and efforts. God bless them.

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        * most precious thing in the life = the most precious thing in life
        * the sacrifices that they made
        * encouraged me to try harder
        * compensate “for” something
        * I and my family = my family and I
        * my parents’ sacrifices and efforts

        That was a very influential story you shared with us. Thank you so much. Your sense of gratitude to your parents, especially your late father, has been really crucial in determining and forming your marked success in life and scholastic achievement. I believe the best form of appreciation and thankfulness is getting the most out of someone’s kindness and favor in a positive way, and you’ve fulfilled this achievement in the best way ever. Congratulations!

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      Armaghan Houshmand

      I can say that my family members are the most precious persons in my life. Not they are only my family, but also they are my close friends. I think it’s a thing that I must be really thankful for. They are there for me anytime and anywhere. So I’m gonna do the same thing.

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        Not only but also structure as a correlative conjunction

        Not only are they my family, but they are also my close friends. In this structure, you need to use the correlative conjunction, ‘not only, but also’ in the correct and appropriate way. Since not only is located at the start of the sentence, you need to use inversion in that sentence. That is, you need to use a question form instead of a statement, although it does not have any interrogative function.

        It’s so rewarding to hear that you’re going to reciprocate their kindness and favor in the future. In spite of their unconditional love and care, you’re consciously and mindfully determined to return their favor, which is so great.

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      Soroosh Houshmand

      My dad is the most valuable person in my life.
      Because when I want something from my dad , he buy it for me,
      When I get sad from something he understands me and helps me,
      I think he just got angry with me for just 1 time.
      This is are the reasons that why my dad is the most valuable person in my life.

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        I’m so happy for you because of your close and promising relationship with your dad. I’m sure your father is also proud of you and your success in life, which is growing every day. This close-knit rapport between you and your father is mutually beneficial for both of you.

        Glad to see that you are active in our forums. This is a very good practice for you to improve your writing skills. Just keep doing that.


        he but it for me = he buys it for me

        This is are the reasons that why my dad is the most valuable person in my life. = These are the reasons for which / why my dad is the most valuable person in my life.

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