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Thrall – 601 Words You Need to Know

Thrall – 601 Words You Need to Know

/θrɔ:l/ (noun)


the state of being under someone’s influence or in their power, enslavement, domination, yoke, subjection, bondage, tyranny, slavery, subjugation – someone whose life is controlled by another person, captive, slave, servant


A thrall was a slave or serf in Scandinavian lands during the Viking Age. The corresponding term in Old English was þēow. The status of slave contrasts with that of the freeman and the nobleman. The Middle Latin rendition of the term in early Germanic law is servus.

Thralls were the lowest class of workers in Scandinavian society. They were North-Western and Eastern Europeans who were enslaved by being prisoners of war, incurring debt or being born into the class via their parents. The living conditions of thralls in Scandinavia varied depending on the master. The thrall trade as the prize of plunder was a key part of the Viking economy.


Parts of speech

Verb: enthrall

Noun: thralldom

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