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Adjudicate – Legal Terms in English in Context

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Definition of Adjudicate as a legal term in English in real context with image for GRE candidates. You can also learn synonyms and antonyms for Adjudicate.



to act as a judge and make a formal decision or judgment or settle an argument, arbitrate, judge, umpire, adjudge, resolve, determine, decide legally, pass judgment on, referee


An adjudication is a legal ruling or judgment, usually final, but can also refer to the process of settling a legal case or claim through the court or justice system, such as a decree in the bankruptcy process between the defendant and the creditors.

Normally, an adjudication represents the final judgment or pronouncement in a case that will determine the course of action taken regarding the issue presented. Outside of a legal process, adjudication can also more generally refer to other formal processes of judgment or ruling that render a final decision, such as the process of validating an insurance claim.

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Parts of speech

Noun: adjudicator

Noun: adjudication

Adjective: adjudicative

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