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Bravado 601 Words You Need to Know

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Bravado 601 Words You Need to Know

/brəˈvɑː.dəʊ/ (noun)


pretended or fake courage to seek people’s admiration or intimidate others, show of bravery, machismo, boldness, audacity, bluster, daring, bragging, effrontery, swagger, boasting


When someone told me recently that they thought I was very brave, I dismissed the comment. To me, having courage or showing an act of bravado means overcoming extraordinary challenges, like climbing Mount Everest or running with the bulls. It never dawned on me that I demonstrate bravery every day, yet we all do. In fact, even though we aren’t necessarily facing tough physical challenges like climbing a mountain, we deal with a variety of obstacles and a multitude of fears as a part of our daily lives. And for the most part, we dismiss our ability to overcome these as not worthy of acknowledgement.

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