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Concrete Production IELTS Writing Task 1

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Concrete Production IELTS Writing Task 1 Concrete Production IELTS Writing Task 1 Visual Data: Noun information, especially facts or numbers, collected for examination and consideration and used to help decision-making, or information in an electronic form that can be stored and processed by a computer: The data was/were collected by various researchers.“>data adopted from IELTS Cambridge Book 8, Test 3

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2 comments on “Concrete Production IELTS Writing Task 1”

  1. These two diagrams illustrate the simplified procedure and equipment which are used in the cement plants, and how cement is used to produce concrete.
    As we know cement is the most important gradient of concrete which have being a crucial material in the construction for ages, especially in case of the building houses. As the left-hand figure shows there are five main phases in a cement manufacturing plant that should have been taken by two raw materials who are limestone and clay to cement become ready for shipping. These five steps are crushing, mixing, heating, grinding and packing respectively. First of all, these two components are broken to small size by a crusher. After that the materials go through some important processing equipment where they should blend and experience high temperatures in mixer and rotating heater respectively before they get ready for final separation in grinder and then the packed cement can be sold.
    As the right-hand figure shows, the final production of a cement plant is the one of most important gradient of making concrete process. Mortar, (concrete that have not gotten hard yet) consist of gravel, sand, cement and water in amount of 50, 25, 15 and 10 percent respectively. These four ingredients should be blended well in a mixer to prepare and then it can be used in construction process.

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