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Debonair 601 Words You Need to Know

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Debonair 601 Words You Need to Know

/ˌdeb.əˈneəʳ/ (adj)


(especially of men) well-dressed and elegant, urbane, gentlemanly, charming and handsome, cultured, gallant, cultivated, genteel, confident, refined, suave, well-groomed, sophisticated, gracious, chivalrous, polished


When I saw a friend’s Facebook post the other day about him being upset after he was abused by a woman for offering up his seat by that very said woman, it got me thinking, what exactly does it mean to be a gentleman or a debonair man in the modern age? What really goes into being a debonair man? Consulting my friend Marco or MrVolpato.com, he pointed me to this quote from one of his posts: “Chivalry isn’t putting women on a pedestal or patronising them, and it’s no reflection of them. It’s a reflection of you.”

Source: https://manofmany.com/



Parts of speech

Adverb: debonairly

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