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Definition of Dichotomy in Real Context

Learn the word “dichotomy” in authentic context with images for advanced ESL learners together with synonyms and antonyms

/daɪˈkɒt.ə.mi/ (noun)


a difference or division between two contradictory or different things or ideas, dyad, polarity, opposition, conflict, separation, contrast, discord, contradiction, split, gulf, chasm


This dichotomy between the poor and the rich will never fully be broken, since the rich have vast global investment opportunities that the poor simply don’t have access to. Unless the poor become capitalists themselves (and some of them do have the opportunities to do this), then the greater trend won’t change. Nor is this a bad thing; for every rich capitalist in the U.S. investing abroad, there is a poor person in India or China who is poor no longer. Think about that for a second before you scream “IMMORAL!



harmony, accord

Parts of speech

Adjective: dichotomous

Adjective: dichotomic

Adverb: dichotomously

Verb: dichotomize

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