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English Negotiation | E-books vs. Print Books

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English Negotiation | E-books vs. Print Books

English Negotiation | E-books vs. Print Books

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Topic for Negotiation:

E-books are infinitely preferable to print books for a variety of reasons.

  1. Arash agrees. 
  2. Dr. Hariri disagrees.

About Negotiation of Meaning:

Negotiation of meaning is a useful and practical activity based on skill integration to practice the 4 skills naturally. In this activity, you can also practice brainstorming, reasoning, and retorting, which are essential skills to perform well in the speaking and writing sections of the IELTS exam where you need to generate and organize relevant ideas.

To become a better negotiator, please consider the following tips:

  1. You should be well-prepared and quick on the trigger.
  2. Remember that a negotiation is NOT a lecture or monologue, and you should take equal turns in the negotiations.
  3. Depending on the topic being discussed, you can conduct some research to familiarize yourself with the issue and boost the level of your confidence.
  4. To support your claims, you can refer to the sources you have studied in preparation for the negotiations.
  5. You can rehearse your performance with a friend before holding our negotiations.
  6. Please note that this activity is like a game, and you should prepare yourself to defend your position even if it is against your own will.

English Negotiation | E-books vs. Print Books

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