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English Question about Finding Money for Discussion

Published on September 28th, 2019 | Last updated on April 20th, 2023 by | 6 Comments on English Question about Finding Money for Discussion | 94 Views | Reading Time: 1 minute

English Question about Finding Money

English Question about Finding Money

Most people say if they found a wallet full of cash on the street, they would return the money; do you believe them? Most also think their own lost wallets would not be returned; do you feel similarly? How do you explain this contradiction? Would you help fund an experiment designed to find out whether people are actually honest enough to return cash-filled wallets?

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6 comments on “English Question about Finding Money for Discussion”

  1. Although most people claim that they will return a wallet full of money back to its owner I am rather skeptical about that and personally believe that if I lost my wallet containing money the chance to find it is low. As Dr. Hariri mentioned I believe the moral status of a person is more determinant than his/her own financial status.

    • So, the best solution is prevention. I mean we should be careful enough lest we leave a wallet full of cash in any place by accident.

  2. No I don’t believe them, because it’s abvious that taking the wallet for yourself is not a moral thing to do and nobody admits doing it.
    I believe if my cash-filled wallet get lost on street the chance of taking it back would be very low.
    I assume a great amount of money have always been seductive. And it makes people do amoral stuff.
    But there is still people who don’t allow themselves to do such.There has been an experiment and it showed that many people return the wallet back, even there was a homeless person that returned it back. And it was really interesting for me.

    • As you correctly pointed out, upbringing, culture, and clear conscience are even more important than one’s financial status in determining one’s success in this moral test.

      abvious = obvious
      a great amount of money has (singular)
      there are still people who (not is)

    • About your 3rd response, Soroosh, with due respect, I believe this is rather cynical and pessimistic to think that everybody is just concerned with money or materialism in a selfish way. I know many people who do NOT behave in this extreme way.


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