English Storytelling on the Red Shoes

English Storytelling on The Red Shoes

English Storytelling on

English Storytelling on the Red Shoes

Story SourceMy Pingu TV

Watch the original story.

Story Told by LELB Society’s Student:

  1. Morteza Feizbakhsh
  2. Sasan

Error Correction and Feedback

Screenshot 1

  • They really catched her attention: caught her attention

Screenshot 4

  • There was a old lady: … an old lady
  • Karren was a orphan girl: … an orphan girl

Screenshot 6

  • Angel: /ˈeɪn.dʒəl/
  • Interested about the food: interested in the food

Screenshot 7

  • At the other day: on the other day
  • She hide them: she hid them
  • The old woman noticed that the girl has worn: … had worn

Screenshot 8

  • In the funeral ceremony that they participated: … they participated in
  • Whispered towards the red shoes: whispered to the red shoes

Screenshot 9

  • Their shoes: her shoes / the shoes
  • The shoes take the girl: … took the girl to the jungle
  • She hurt: she was hurt
  • He: she

Screenshot 11

  • The feet of the girl is injured: were injured

Screenshot 12

  • He: she
  • Going back to home: going back home

Screenshot 13

  • The girl came back to the home: … came back home
  • She prayed to the God: she prayed to God
  • She wants forgiveness: she asked for forgiveness
  • She promised that not to be: she promised not to be

Screenshot 14

  • Because of his behavior: … her behavior

Screenshot 15

  • Stopped from being dancing: stopped dancing

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Based on The Red Shoes – Source of Story: MyPinguTv

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