English Storytelling on Vain Crow with Correction

English Storytelling on Vain Crow

English Storytelling on Vain Crow with Correction

Story Source: Noun
"source/sɔːs/ US /sɔːrs/ noun [C] 1. the place something comes from or starts at, or the cause of something: a source of heat/energy/light Oranges are a good source of vitamin C. Money is often a source of tension and disagreements in young married couples.
2. someone or something that supplies information: The journalist refused to reveal her sources (= say who had given the information to her). According to Government sources (= people in the Government) many MPs are worried about this issue. source /sɔːs/ US /sɔːrs/ verb [T often passive] to get something from a particular place: Where possible the produce used in our restaurant is sourced locally.“>SourceEnglish Fairy Tales

Watch the original story.

Story Told by LELB Society’s Student:

  1. Morteza Feizbakhsh
  2. Sasan

Error correction and feedback

Screenshot 2

  • flying on the sky ➡ flying in the sky

Screenshot 3

  • He was attracted by the peacocks ➡ he was attracted to the peacocks
  • Eyebrow: /ˈaɪ.braʊ/
  • Mouth: bill or beak

Screenshot 4

  • One idea occurred him ➡ one idea just occurred to him

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

  • When his friends leave him ➡ … when his friends left him

Screenshot 9

  • He was surprised of what they said ➡ he was surprised at / by what they said

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