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English Vocabulary about Optimism and Pessimism

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English Vocabulary about Optimism and Pessimism

English Vocabulary about Optimism and Pessimism

Buoyant (ad)

cheerful, optimistic, happy, (antonym: morose), resilient, flexible

We can make a real effort to be buoyant despite obstacles.

A buoyant mood can be felt while doing exercise.

If I had immigrated to a developed country, I could have been more buoyant in my life.

Cynical (adj)

pessimistic, negative (antonym: naive)
They were cynical about the team`s chance of winning the championship.

Some people are more cynical, some more sanguine, but if there isn’t a good balance between our optimistic and pessimistic attitudes, taking proper action in face of difficulties will come to a halt.

People who deal with crime and court are usually more cynical in an uneasy situation.

Failed in building up a good rapport with the opposite sex, men have a pretty cynical view of women.

Downbeat (adj)

pessimistic, gloomy

The company`s sales performance showed some downbeat results due to product price rises.

Life has so many downbeat and upbeat moments which are ephemeral.

Downbeat people are such harbingers of doom.

Expectant (adj)

hopeful, eager

Sara was expectant to pass the exam with flying colors because of her real effort.

He looks expectantly at his son’s victorious face.

Expectant people are more successful in the journey of life.

Incredulous (adj)

unwilling to admit or accept what is offered as true

He was incredulously denying his mother’s death.
She is so credulous that she believes every joke which we make.

The news has developed incredulous expression about economic situation.

Incredulous silence is a bit frightening because you are not sure about the response of the person whom you are talking with.

Optimistic (adj)

looking on the bright side

Do you think that making any endeavors to be optimistic has something to do with terror? I believe terror should be replaced with normal fear. This is because of the fact that courage does not denote lack of fear. Instead, courage means to take action in spite of the presence of fear.

Pessimistic (adj)

doubtful and negative, incredulous

Pessimistic people are so toxic.

Sanguine (adj)

optimistic, hopeful, positive

A sanguine attitude to life can lead us to success.

Being sanguine is a shortcut to a joyful life.

Gone are the days in which people were sanguine about worldwide peace.

Skeptical (adj)

cynical, doubtful, (antonym: convinced)

The test result`s led them to being skeptical about their chance of eliminating the disease.

The teacher was so skeptical of her proposal that she couldn’t see the genuine value in her ideas.

I am so skeptical that the meaning of “dubious” and “doubtful” are the same.

I am skeptical of the benefits of caring about taboos.

Upbeat (adj)

optimistic, cheerful, positive, buoyant, (antonym: downbeat)

Her upbeat attitude towards work was affecting his colleagues.

Hanging around with upbeat people can push you forward in your life.

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