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Essay 9 on Childhood, Adolescence or Adulthood

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Childhood, Adolescence, or Adulthood (which one is more favored by you?)

Essayist: Sasan

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From my vantage point, myriads of points could endorse the fact that adulthood is the most astounding part of anyone’s life, including independence, having a position in the society, and being mature.

First and foremost, adults have enough autonomy to act on their initiative rather than implementing others’ instructions, and this sense of freedom brings enormous enjoyment in life. Apart from that, a grown person could reach a good position in the society and find a fulfilling job with a handsome salary. To put it in another way, they could be somebody in the society, and it leads to boosting their confidence.

Last but not least, on average, the older one gets, the more mature one becomes. Because with the passage of time, a plethora of experience could be gained. As a result, they could master the art of making friends with gentle people from all walks of life and expand their circle of friends, and this leads to uplifting the quality of life. Consequently, adulthood is an astonishing period of life, and its pleasure ought not to be overlooked.

Essayist: Taraneh

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There have been hundreds of times in our life that we wished to go back to our childhood period again because it is the happiest time of a person’s life. There are so many reasons for that, but in my point of view, low responsibility, making friends and free of mind are the most important of all.

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First, children live without any responsibility; no one expects them to do anything like making money or taking care of anything. Even nobody asks them to wash the dishes. They are free to play all day long and enjoy every moments of that.

My second reason is that their minds are free; as a matter of fact, they can simply learn everything around them by just one time hearing and repeating it. My last reason is that they can easily make friends.

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Furthermore, there isn’t any hatred in their world for any nationality. As a result of these aspects of the childhood period, they simply become friends to each other and share their toys to play with. So I think the most joyful time of anyone’s life is his or her childhood.

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