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Reply To: Rango Movie Summary in Film Criticism Course Forum

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Armaghan Houshmand

1- My score on this movie-animation is 7/5.
It had an exciting story and the characters and their problems were like a metaphor to our real world. When I was a kid this animation could not take my attention and now I get it, because it hadn’t a huge range of light colors but now I understand why. Because of its genre (western) and their main demand (water) and the hot weather (they were in the middle of desert), the color pallete should have been more brown and dusty. The only thing I can complain about, is that it got predictable at the end and I found it quite boring in the middle.

2- The climax in my opinion was almost at the end of the animation, where Rango came back and they had the final battle.

3- I think another point that was interesting about this movie, was its quotes that made you think and wonder. One quote from this movie that triggered my brain was that: ” You can’t walk out on your own story”. It referred to our destiny and plans that we can’t run from them like Rango who meant to help the people from Dirt to find water. And another point is that from the first part of the animation which they asked the lizard who are you and at that moment he questioned himself, “who he really was and what was his name?” And he thought that he could be anyone and have any name and he improvised his story cause he had a quite passion for acting and imagining (we get it from the very first scene) and he became who he wanted to be.

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