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Reply To: Saving Private Ryan Movie Review in Film Criticism Course

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Saving Private Ryan is an anti-war film directed by Steven Spielberg to depict the unjust and futile aspects of war leading to genocide and slaughter of many people even civilians including women and innocent children.

At first glance, it seems unfair to jeopardize the lives of many other soldiers to find and rescue James Ryan, the only survivor of a bereft family lamenting the loss of his three other brothers. Nevertheless, when the plot unfolded, after so much sacrifice, James Ryan refuses to be saved and escorted back to his mourning family.

This reunion grants the troops more motivation to combat against Germans under the command of Captain Miller, who was once a schoolteacher. The film shows that war can change people so much and transform a schoolteacher into a machinegun, a warrior who should not hesitate to kill the enemies in the battlefield, and it was the blatant mistake he made about Willie, the German captive or prisoner who was set free.