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Lament GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Lament GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ləˈment/ (noun & verb)

Verb: to express grief, sadness or regret about something, express sorrow, rue, bemoan, deplore, grieve, howl, bewail, mourn, moan

Noun: a poem, piece of writing or eulogy that expresses sadness about someone’s death, cry, weeping, wailing, howling

Holidays are a time when you especially miss a loved one who has died, and you feel their absence all the more acutely. It brings back memories of fun times with them in the past, and the hole in your heart seems larger than usual. The empty seat at the dinner table creates an absence that can’t be filled. It’s a time when you lament death.


Antonyms: rejoice, exult, celebrate, celebration

Noun: lamentation

Noun: lamenter

Adjective: lamented

Adverb: lamentingly

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