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Eulogy GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

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Eulogy GRE Vocabulary Flashcard


Eulogy definition

written or spoken tribute especially to someone who has recently died or stopped working, speech in praise of someone, a piece of writing or speech that praises someone greatly, exultation, panegyric, acclaim, laud, acclamation, extol, commend

Video of eulogy

Eulogy in context

A eulogy is simply a speech about a loved one who has died.
This speech is usually given during a memorial or funeral ceremony. A eulogy is often given by a close friend or relative of the deceased.
Don’t stress out over giving a eulogy.
Think of it as a simple conversation with the family and friends about the life of the person who has died. Remember, the funeral or memorial ceremony is usually only attended by people that somehow mattered to the deceased. They are eager to hear about the deceased and will appreciate anything you say.

Source: https://www.parting.com/



Parts of speech

Noun: eulogist

Adjective: eulogistic

Adverb: eulogistically

Verb: eulogize: to praise

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