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Hormones in Sports English Writing Forum

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I have a variety of choices and a flexible schedule for exercise. I play sports in various categories, from recreational to semi-professional sports. If I want to answer clearly, I swim 4 hours a week, I do close to 2 hours of brisk walking by the sea. I ride a bike for about 2 hours a week and sometimes I play football or volleyball, I also like billiards and it depends on the situation.

If I want to answer the question why exercise is good for us and our health? We need to examine the impact of exercise in our lives. We know that exercise can affect your muscles, physical body, mind, attitude and level of living, but how?
There are two main types of exercise aerobic and anaerobic, in aerobic types such as running, jogging, swimming, you work large muscles in your legs and arms which directly affect your heart to make it stronger while consuming more oxygen than usual. . . In anaerobic types, free weights and focus on specific muscles are of interest, the common point in both is hormone secretion.
This answer: hormone secretion
Maybe you will tell me, we were saying why exercise is good for us, then I will answer: because it causes the release of hormones.
Would you like me to tell you one of the secrets of life?
Get to know the hormones and know which ones affect your current emotional state and which hormones are helpful to improve your current state. Create hormones to use in different life situations, if you need more strength, focus and motivation to do a difficult task, you need to know which hormones can help you perform better in these situations.
First you need to know what hormones can do? Do you know their role and influence on your mind, emotions and decisions? Hormones can make you angry, happy, sad, in love, stronger, kinder.
All aspects of your mind, behavior, desire, and action ultimately have a direct connection between secreting hormones and receptor neurons in the brain.
We are the amount of hormones secreted. What do you think affects the release of hormones?
Many things, including the position of the planets, weather, including the basic gene, etc. affect it.
One of the important things that can increase the secretion of hormones and create a good mood and self-confidence is exercise. Exercise releases hormones that are very useful for the mind, heart and body, and if you have a healthy mind and heart, you can experience a better life.