IELTS Essay on Prevention Is Better Than Cure + Analysis

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  1. It is evident that prevention is better than cure. But this is not the whole case, because prevention and education have always consisted more quota of the government budget than medicine and treatment. Educating a whole nation and several generations is truly a challenge. That is why I believe that advertising and raising awareness toward hygiene and different disease’s preventions bring the government a large amount of money.

    Many people in recent days die of various diseases, e.g. cancer, AIDS, and diabetes and many of them are still not wholly treatable. Now the question that comes to mind is what are these dangerous diseases’ prevention and how many people in society are aware of them and are these preventions and solutions taught at schools and universities? Moreover, what percentage of people truly take them seriously?

    All of the answers to the questions in the previous paragraph depend on the government’s investments in awareness and acknowledgment of the people of all kinds of severe infections and illnesses. Imagine a virus epidemic, even the solution and coming up with an idea to prevent and stop the disease’s progression is more challenging than just providing vaccination. Therefore, it is a great responsibility to keep people safe by educating them even though it calls for more funding. In addition, when it comes to good informing and elevating awareness, it means a responsible and qualified government.

    Prevention is better and more helpful than the cure and medication and this is on the government’s shoulders in spite of the high cost, but it cannot be wholly solvable if the people themselves do not take them seriously. Prevention is a mutual collaboration between the government and the people to restrain the number of diseases.

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