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IELTS Essay on Time Machine for Band 7

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IELTS Essay on Time Machine

IELTS Essay on Time Machine

It is really appealing to think of attractive destinations that we are continuously think of. Many people give their goals their best shots and look forward to the time that they fulfill all their objectives. However, I suppose that achievements are meaningful if and only if the journey is experienced deeply. In other words, we enjoy our success when we think of all difficulties that we have witnessed. So, it s better to find a shortcut rather than time traveling.

If I was offered to board a time machine, the first thought that would cross my mind is to leave all my friends and families and facing the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see them anymore. Although, this objection still remains even if my wife could come along me.
The other scary fact that can be true is that, our skills and experiences might not suit for future job’s requirement. Admittedly, there are some job titles which are going to diminish every year and they exist no longer.
Even the language could be a serious matter if the time machine goes long enough from this era. These are the scary ideas that could confront the passenger of this time machine.
On the other hand, the everlasting desire of human beings, which might be fulfilled by that time, is eternity of life. Therefore, it’s the only idea which can change my decision into acceptance. The other interesting idea would be facing with our successors and knowing their fortunes. The curiosity of finding out the destiny of ethical standards is also fascinating. In future, even the frontier of countries can be different from what they are today and all of these astonishing events can be both interesting and scary simultaneously.

Man is always trying to solve the mysterious things of the time,space. If I am given to the chance to go into future, obviously I will take the chance. I will watch the condition of the present world. How will be the technology, I want to see in future. But if It will be not possible to return in the present time, I Don’t want to travel in future. I don’t want to loose anything of my present time. I don’t want to abandon my family and my friend. Even along with someone, I will not travel in future if it is unable to come back again.

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