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IELTS Listening Practice | Change Your Life

Published on October 14th, 2017 | Last updated on July 4th, 2019 by | Category: Listening Practice in English | 47 Comments on IELTS Listening Practice | Change Your Life | 140 Views | Reading Time: 16 minutes

IELTS Listening Practice | Change

IELTS Listening Practice | Change

About this activity

About the Video Files

Writing Activity

  • You should adopt a formal register in your written contributions in the comment form.
  • To give an answer to a question or comment, use the Reply button.
  • In our written activities, we can practice negotiation of meaning (sharing our findings with regard to the selected themes) and negotiation of form (performing peer-reviewed error correction).
  • Put a number before your questions in the comment form successively to refer to them more easily in the class.
  • Your questions should be unique and not previously raised by your classmates in the comment form.


  • You should take equal turns in speaking. The maximum amount of time you can have is 60 seconds.
  • This is a fully organized activity; consequently, all your contributions, including comments, replies, and verbal opinions, must be with direct reference to the assigned topic and its corresponding video. Any irrelevant contribution is strongly frowned upon.
  • You will be stopped if your speech appears to be irrelevant or not supported by evidence.
  • Students leaving comments below will be given priority over others in our informed conversations.

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 Topic: Change

Lecturer / Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson

47 comments on “IELTS Listening Practice | Change Your Life”

    • Because they set finding new cheese as their main goal and tried to achieve that. On the other side, the two little men were trying to figure out that who moved their cheese and they hoped that someone brings it back.

      • ? Exactly!
        The mice did not complicate the situations any further. One of the themes of this story is that sometimes we need to rely on our instincts instead of overthinking.

      • I just wished to see at least one question posed by you in this comment form. The best way to learn something is to make a contribution, and not just responding to something. Productivity is a more mature state compared to being just receptive.

  1. Thank you Dr for this interesting short story video.
    We see four characters in this video: Two mice and two little people. Two mice anticipate and realize that these cheeses will finish and prepare themselves to change their route in finding new cheeses.
    Haw learns to move with the cheese while hem remains locked in old way of doing things and waits to be returned his cheese. We don’t be like hem in our life because he tries but his effort is ineffective and he remains in his old and routine way. Haw after doing wasteful efforts, realize to change his strategy and path. He goes ahead to find new cheeses .
    I think this story shows that the change is necessary in our life because of problems everyone has. In our life we need to change to achieve our wishes and happiness.

    • You’re very welcome.
      ? Thanks so much for your comprehensive analysis!
      As you wisely commented, sometimes, we should be proactive, rather than reactive, making necessary predictions about the future and potential consequences. Moreover, we are encouraged to get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves while confronted with predicaments and complicated issues.

  2. First thank you D.r for this video.it shows us that situations change in our life and if we don’t find solutions for our problem we get into trouble. If we don’t change our mind we can not live. We have to risk.

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