IELTS Writing Task 2 Heavy Machinery

IELTS Writing Task 2 Heavy Machinery IELTS Writing Task 2 Heavy Machinery Topic: These days, many people are losing their jobs due to increasing mechanization and the use of heavy machinery in agriculture and industry.  Discuss the pros and cons of this trend in our industrialized life, and express your own opinions about it. Essayist: Sasan

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  1. Today, automation in all industries has given rise to a new situation in which some people get the axe. Generally, the new situation has many pros and cons simultaneously which are going to be weighed up in this essay.

    On the one hand, mechanization has myriads of benefits to humans. To be more elaborate, automation increases the efficiency of life and human beings could get the most out of every situation in less time. In other words, in the new era, the demands of people for state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus is on the rise. For instance, new generations have an insatiable appetite for high-tech cellphones, automobiles, etc. As a result, humans ought to spend their time on the development of technologies rather than doing repetitive, dead-end jobs which could be done by automatons. So, mechanization has some merits that expedite humans’ progress.

    On the other hand, although automation speeds up the process of progress, many people lose their jobs on the grounds that robots and software programs carry out their assignments. In fact, some workforce who has accustomed to a specific task becomes jobless and despairs in their lives. Consequently, if no organization found a solution for the problem of jobless people some social disasters, such as family breakdowns, criminal activities and so on, would come up. So, the demerits of mechanization should be counted as well as the merits.

    All points considered, automation has boons and banes at the same time. However, I personally believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages to a great extent.

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