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Mental Gender Differences | An English Conversation Class

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Mental Gender Differences – English Conversation Class

Mental Gender Differences – An English Conversation Class

 ? Student: Reza Mousavi 

? Listen to this recorded class:

  1. What are the most noticeable mental gender differences between men and women?
  2. Do you think that stamina or physical power is the only criterion to be taken into account?
  3. At which tasks are women better than men?
  4. Do you think that the level of attention or concentration is the same between the two genders with regard to task completion and information processing?
  5. Men tend to be preoccupied with the task they are processing at a time. That’s why men are more successful in business.
  6. Men are more single-minded and women are more multiple-minded.
  7. In women, the corpus callosum, which is a layer between the two hemispheres of the brain, is thinner, and that’s why the two hemispheres are more interrelated to each other.
  8. Why do you think that women need to be more multiple-minded, in comparison to men, being more single-minded? Is there any particular reason behind it?
  9. Nobody forces women to take care of children. They voluntarily do that. Women are more emotional and kinder and they can take care of children much better than men.
  10. It is believed that if the two genders knew the mental differences between them, they could get along with each other pretty much better, the rate of divorce would be lower, and married people could live with each other more happily.
  11. Studying books on this topic, doing some research on your own, attending some seminars can help you to acquire more information in relation to mental gender differences.

? Teacher’s Notes

  1. ❌ Mens and womens :arrow: ✅ men and women
  2. The stress of today is on its second syllable :arrow: /təˈdeɪ/
  3. The correct pronunciation of the word mathematics  :arrow: /ˌmæθˈmæt.ɪks/
  4. ❌ The last week :arrow:  ✅ during the last week, over the last week

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