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Ruck 601 Words You Need to Know

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Ruck 601 Words You Need to Know

/rʌk/ (noun)


Noun: a large group of ordinary people or things that are not very special to you, mass, mound, pile, heap, multitude, accumulation – fold, wrinkle, crumple, rumple, crease – (rugby) all the players around the bull

Verb: to wrinkle and become creased, make or form wrinkles


Elon Musk has been quoted as saying, “I think it’s possible for ordinary people to lift themselves out of the ruck of average people and choose to be extraordinary.” Now, whether you view him as the real-life Tony Stark, most of us view him as an exception among the humble stock of this planet. But even Elon Iron-Man Musk believes that any ordinary person — you included — can become extraordinary.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/



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