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English Questions on Avarice for Discussion

Published on August 27th, 2015 | Last updated on May 19th, 2024 by | Category: Speaking Practice in English | No Comments on English Questions on Avarice for Discussion | 114 Views | Reading Time: 1 minute

Some challenging questions on avarice for discussion in our conversation class with a comment form and related lessons

  1. Why is avarice categorized according to one of the major sins?
  2. Describe a person who is avaricious.
  3. Discuss some of the problems that may arise on account of being avaricious.
  4. How can a person overcome his excessive sense of avarice after taking notice of that?
  5. On which occasion, could the positive point of avarice be used? If there is any?
  6. When you are put onto an avaricious atmosphere, what should be done?
  7. Is there any practical remedy to diminish the degree of avarice in a person in our society according to your point of view?
  8. What reaction is better in front of avaricious people?

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