Successful English Learners | Interview 2

| Interview 2

Successful English Learners | Interview 2

? Interviewee: Mr. Khaki

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  1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?
  2. How long have you been learning English?
  3. What do you plan to learn English for?
  4. How do you try to learn English vocabulary?
  5. What coursebooks or reference books, including dictionaries, do you recommend?
  6. Do you consider yourself to be successful in learning English? Why?
  7. What strategies and techniques have you been using to practice the 4 skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing?
  8. Please elaborate on your personal preferences and styles for practicing English, for example:
    1. Extroversion vs. Introversion
    2. Practicing oral skills or preferring to read and write

Successful English Learners | Interview 2

✅ Interviewer’s Notes

  1. I haven’t been learning English continuously ➡ you should put it in a present perfect tense and not a present perfect continuous tense because the latter cannot have any interruption. So, you should say: I haven’t learned or practiced English continuously.
  2. Short and long period of time ➡ periods of time
  3. Aside universities ➡ aside from universities
  4. For find better jobs ➡ for finding better jobs (gerund)
  5. For do business ➡ for doing business (gerund)
  6. I must know English language ➡ I must know (correct pronunciation) the English language (use ‘the’ as an article)
  7. At now ➡ at present, right now, at the present time, etc.
  8. Communicate to another people ➡ communicate with other people
  9. For memorize that ➡ for memorizing that (gerund)
  10. Pronunciation of ‘because’ ➡ /bɪˈkəz/ /-ˈkɒz/ US /-ˈkɑːz/
  11. It hasn’t much information ➡ it doesn’t have …
  12. Pronunciation of the word ‘translator’: /trænsˈleɪ.təʳ/ /trænz-/ US /-ţɚ/
  13. For cause of my immigration ➡ because of my immigration
  14. The most books refer to ➡ most of / the majority of books are used for practicing reading and writing skills
  15. ‘Most’ and ‘must’ are pronounced differently. Make sure not to confuse them with each other.
  16. Correct pronunciation of the word ‘strategy’: /ˈstræt.ə.dʒi/ US /ˈstræţ-/
  17. In this website ➡ on this website
  18. Exposing discussions with somebody ➡ holding / having discussions
  19. For watch some piece of movie ➡ for watching some pieces of movies
  20. You will could ask me ➡ you can / could ask me

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