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The Cactus by O. Henry The Cactus by O. Henry Available in the public domain at: The most notable thing about Time is that it is so purely relative. A large amount of reminiscence is, by common consent, conceded to the drowning man; and it is not past belief that one may review an

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  1. It is a twisted story but at the end we get the point and understand the message of the story. How sometimes we do or tell something out of aŕrogance, pride, or self -conceit and think it is on our benifit and do not pay attention to its possible consequences but in reality it can eventuate in a disaster. How a white lie can lead to misunderstanding and leads to lack of trust and loss of a beloved faithful person.

    • True love should be treated with respect and honesty. The story of Cactus by O. Henry gives us this moral lesson to stay truthful in a relationship. Even a little white lie could change the course of actions and put an end to a good relationship.

    • That’s right. I can also add this proverb to what you said about the central message of Cactus: “honesty is the best policy”.

    • One single white lie that could easily be prevented as being inconsequential did ruin the protagonist’s chance to marry the lady of his dreams. He was not supposed to tell lies to her beloved to satisfy his egoism and vanity. Not only could he enjoy the beauty of the cactus, but also he was badly injured and wounded by the bloody thorns of the cactus which penetrated into his heart for the rest of his life.

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