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The Farmer and the Stork – English Fairy Tale

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The Farmer and the Stork – Learn English with fairy tales from Aesop’s Fables with a podcast and vocabulary practice

Source: Gutenberg Project at www.gutenberg.org

A farmer placed nets on his newly-sown plowed lands and caught a number of cranes, which came to pick up his seed.

With them he trapped a stork that had fractured his leg in the net and was earnestly beseeching the farmer to spare his life.

“Pray save me, master,” he said, “and let me go free this once. My broken limb should excite your pity.

Besides, I am no crane, I am a stork, a bird of excellent character; and see how I love and slave for my father and mother. Look too, at my feathers—they are not the least like those of a crane.”

The farmer laughed aloud and said, “It may be all as you say, I only know this: I have taken you with these robbers, the cranes, and you must die in their company.”

Birds of a feather flock together.

said about people who have similar characters or interests, especially ones of which you disapprove, and who often spend time with each other

Source of definition: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/

New words and expressions

  1. Sown: scattered, spread
  2. Plow: to make furrows on a land to make it suitable for seeding and planting
  3. Crane: a bird with long legs and neck living on plains
  4. Stork: a large wading bird with long legs and neck and a long straight beak
  5. Fracture: crack, break
  6. Earnestly: sincerely and seriously
  7. Beseech: implore, beg
  8. Spare: free, release, show mercy to
  9. limb: body organ, body part
  10. Slave: labor and work
  11. Flock: gather, assemble, congregate

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