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Vanka by Anton Chekhov – Learn English with Short Stories

Last updated on April 17, 2023 by in English Short Stories Category with 6 Comments on Vanka by Anton Chekhov – Learn English with Short Stories, 84 Views and Reading Time: 9 minutes
Vanka by Anton Chekhov Vanka by Anton Chekhov an English short story with a podcast to practice listening, illustrated flashcards inside the short story to improve your English vocabulary, and enjoy literature Available in the public domain at https://www.gutenberg.org/ Podcast of Vanka by Anton Chekhov If you cannot see the podcast below, click here to

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6 comments on “Vanka by Anton Chekhov – Learn English with Short Stories”

  1. A sad story. We all know that children are the future-makers of each society but unfortunately, there are too many situations of misbehavior toward them. We can find many children deprived of education or even worse the basic needs for living. I personally believe such deprivation can make a mentally ill person out of them and even make them future criminals.

    • That’s true! Children should be well-protected and provided with enough facilities to flourish and pursue their dreams. The future of any society largely depends on the success of its young children.

  2. It was a heart touching and sad story. To some extent, it remained me of a little match girl.
    I have a question, what does last here mean? (He hit me on the head with a last.)

    • Last here is a noun referring to a special tool or instrument made of wood or metal that shoemakers in the past used to use to make or fix footwear.

    • Glad to see you’ve liked this short story, Soroosh!
      Stove is a tool or apparatus for cooking food through heating. Synonyms of stove are: oven, cooktop, cooker

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