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4 thoughts on “Acculturation Model and Language-Culture Connection”

  1. This was an interesting passage with many good points. The social impact seems dominant to me as well. People who talk the same language if gather in a new environment that requires using a new language, keep socializing and talking in their native language. They are not good stimulators for each other with regard to mastering a new language. The attitude is relatively uninevitable.

    • Thank YOU for your valuable comment as a reliable source of information on the issue of Acculturation. From what you’ve written, it’s alleged that acculturation is not an easy process and it takes time for complete adaptation (if it happens by any chance). That’s why individual learners who share a native language prefer to speak their mother tongue as long as possible unless they’re forced to speak the target language.
      With all due respect, I couldn’t find the word uninevitable in your comment in my dictionary. I suppose you meant inevitable. Please let me know if this word actually exists.

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