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Amygdala and Its Functions | Success Journals

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What is Amygdala | Success Journals

What is Amygdala | Success Journals

  • It means almond in Greek because of its special form.
  • It’s the panic button and it appears in a pair. Also it is called the smoke detector.
  • It is the cause of fight or flight response
  • The location for fear, aggression and emotions
  • It is an integral part of the limbic system, which is in charge of emotion and memory.
  • Amygdala is highly activated in sleep when you are having dreams. It is mainly responsible for warning you about the dire consequences of some risky activities.
  • Amygdala is lit up in the face of uncertainty or ambiguity. So the PFC should manage and control uncertainty to put the amygdala in peace.
  • There a pair of amygdala, each in one brain hemisphere.
  • The location is right above the brainstem.
  • No amygdala equals no emotion, no facial recognition, no tears of sorrow to soothe, and more seclusion and isolation from the society.
  • Amygdala is the center of emotion and fear in the brain. hence, it is called the security part of the brain.
  • It makes our 5 senses more acute.
  • It is in charge of the fight or flight response, when we have to take drastic actions in difficult situations when we don’t have enough time to think deeply about our choices and reactions.
  • It can function independently of the neocortex while we are completely unaware of it.
  • Traumatized people believe that people are there to hurt them. They have been conditioned to acting defensively or aggressively for their own protection.

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