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Apprehensive Definition in Context with Images

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Apprehensive definition in context with images and synonyms + antonyms and parts of speech from the book, Vocabulary for College-bound Students. Learn the word, apprehensive, in authentic context with text-to-speech.

/ˌæp.rɪˈhent.sɪv/ (adj)

Apprehensive definition

worried and anxious about something that you need to do, concerned, hesitant, uneasy, frightened, nervous, fearful, afraid, scared, tense


If you have anticipatory anxiety, you are apprehensive and fearful for an extended period of time about an imagined future situation you perceive as an unpredictable threat. This mental health condition is usually not seen as a specific disorder, but rather a symptom of certain anxiety-related disorders, including panic disorder, generalized anxiety, and social phobia.

Source of example: https://www.verywellmind.com/


calm, confident

Parts of speech

Noun: apprehension

Noun: apprehensiveness

Adverb: apprehensively

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