Concerned About – English Flashcard for Concerned About

Concerned about Concerned about (adj) worried about something – afraid – fretful – apprehensive – anxious – upset – uneasy – nervous: I’m concerned about Michael’s health. He spreads himself too thin and sleeps insufficiently.

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4 comments on “Concerned About – English Flashcard for Concerned About”

    • It’s great to see you commenting here to practice English academically.
      My feedback:
      * Before he got to the airport, he was concerned about paying more money for his extra load.

      • I’m sorry now after German, i got confuse when to use the capital letters cause in German it is a very important thing to start the Nouns and Names with a capital letter.
        Now if you can tell me about such writing rules, i will correct my brain for English.

        • That’s quite OK to make mistakes.
          In English, you should capitalize the first word of each sentence, proper nouns, i.e. the names of people, countries, cities, organizations, etc., e.g. Canada, Tokyo, Bill Gates, the United States, and so forth.

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