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Artificial Intelligence IELTS Listening and Reading Practice

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Artificial Intelligence IELTS Listening and Reading Practice

Artificial Intelligence IELTS Listening and Reading Practice

Selected Text (below 500 words)

Source: Noun
"source/sɔːs/ US /sɔːrs/ noun [C] 1. the place something comes from or starts at, or the cause of something: a source of heat/energy/light Oranges are a good source of vitamin C. Money is often a source of tension and disagreements in young married couples.
2. someone or something that supplies information: The journalist refused to reveal her sources (= say who had given the information to her). According to Government sources (= people in the Government) many MPs are worried about this issue. source /sɔːs/ US /sɔːrs/ verb [T often passive] to get something from a particular place: Where possible the produce used in our restaurant is sourced locally.“>Source: http://www.hansonrobotics.com/

Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot to date and a cultural icon. She has become a media darling, appearing on major media outlets around the world, igniting the interest of people regardless of age, gender, and culture, even gracing the cover of one of the top fashion magazines.  Her press coverage has a potential reach of over ten billion readers in 2017.

Sophia is a highly sought-after speaker in business and showed her prowess and great potential across many industries. She has met face-to-face with key decision makers in banking, insurance, auto manufacturing, property development, media, and entertainment. In addition, she has appeared onstage as a panel member and presenter in high-level conferences, covering how robotics and artificial intelligence will become a prevalent part of people’s lives. Her reputation extends beyond business into the global social arena. She was named the world’s first United Nation Innovation Champion by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and will have an official role in working with UNDP to promote sustainable development and safeguard human rights and equality.

Sophia is an evolving genius machine. Her incredible human likeness, expressiveness, and remarkable story as an awakening robot over time makes her a fascinating front-page technology story.

Sophia’s creator, Dr. David Hanson, is the founder of Hanson Robotics and a modern-day renaissance man who has built a worldwide reputation for creating robots that look and act amazingly human. After working at Disney as an “Imagineer,” Dr. Hanson aspired to create genius machines that will surpass human intelligence. Dr. Hanson believes that three distinctively human traits must be integrated into the artificial intelligence of these genius machines: Creativity, empathy, and compassion. As an extension of human intelligence, Hanson Robotics’ genius machines can evolve to solve world problems too complex for humans to solve themselves. Sophia personifies this bold and responsible goal.

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    • I personally believe some jobs will perish and die out and many people will become jobless. On the other hand, some other job opportunities will emerge as a result of metaverse, web3, and state-of-the-art technology.

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