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Attraction Law – A Virtual English Conversation Class

Last updated on April 9, 2021 by in Speaking Practice in English Category with 18 Comments on Attraction Law – A Virtual English Conversation Class, 55 Views and Reading Time: 17 minutes
Attraction Law | A Virtual English Conversation Class Attraction Law | A Virtual English Conversation Class Relevant Audio / Video File Watch or listen to the following video/audio file in conjunction with the topic being discussed and try to answer the questions about it. Lecturer/Narrator/Presenter: Bob Proctor Questions about the video/audio file Why is the

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18 comments on “Attraction Law – A Virtual English Conversation Class”

  1. Please reply to this comment in order to select your favorite topic for the next discussion.
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  2. 3. Please listen to/watch the audio/video file embedded into this post carefully to be able to answer one of the questions, which is randomly posed to you by the teacher.

    • According to the picture, seemingly the guy who is smiling unwilingly, is listening to his friend’s joke or funny story which is probably in a poor taste. This manner shows the guy with artificial smile does not want to make his friend unhappy through laughing.Or may be he is angry with his friend therefore, he is trying to hide his anger behind painted smile.

    • By not talking about the exceptions, I agree with this statement. As you know all human beings have some problems and even having no problem is a problem for itself. So life is difficult but it is expected from us to live happily and helpfully and enjoy it. So we should and in fact we are forced to think and notice those sides of life which are more enjoyable and more favourable. In this way we can put our minds and energy on things which we want and avoid those things which are annoying. To put it in a nutshell, I think the best way of life is to focus on things which really make us happier.

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