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Audiophile Definition in Context with Images Visual Words

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Audiophile definition in context with images in LELB Society’s visual dictionary and thesaurus from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student.

/ˈɔːdɪə(ʊ)fʌɪl/ (noun)

Audiophile definition

a hi-fi or high-quality audio equipment enthusiast or a person who is so enthusiastic about sound production particularly high-fidelity music recordings, radio listener, auditor, hearer

Video of audiophile

Audiophile in context

“For me, an audiophile is someone who appreciates the nuances of music, of the mastering itself, and goes to great lengths to find the ideal representation of music.” Audiophiles are formed on a foundation of music appreciation. If music isn’t important to you, it’s unlikely you will strive to hear it in the best form possible. This noble pursuit requires effort, commitment, and investment.

Audiophiles do more than just listen. Becoming an audiophile requires training your ears and mind to recognize subtleties and nuance within the music. Reading and researching. Analyzing and auditioning music playback gear.

Source of context: https://www.headphonesty.com/

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