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Blood Sports | An IELTS Essay Sample

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Blood Sports | An IELTS Essay Sample

Blood Sports | An IELTS Essay Sample

? Topic:

Blood sports have become a hot topic for debate in recent years. As society develops it is increasingly seen as an uncivilized activity and cruel to the helpless animals that are killed. All blood sports should be banned.

Discuss the main arguments for this statement and give your own opinion.

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Today, prohibition against blood sports is a heated argument. Some want to enjoy their time, no matter how awful animals are treated. However, I personally believe that these sorts of sports should be omitted, undoubtedly.

To begin with, all creatures have the right to live freely without any harassment. To be more specific, world belongs to all humans, animals, plants, etc. and if human beings are more intelligent, it does not mean that humans can restrict others. So, blood sports are out of the question.

In addition, government and individuals should consider animal rights as an essential issue in these days. I personally speculate that all blood sports are symptomatic of culture and in order to attempt to omit these sorts of sports, people should alter their culture. To conclude, in my opinion, we should pay more attention to this fact that the animals life is so important.

Blood sport is regarded as a kind of cruelty rather than a sport in today’s world. The more tendency to apply the ethical and moral issues, the more respectful view people may have towards all creatures’ rights concluding animals. Explicitly speaking, the widespread prevalence of this kind of sport generates some hostile and belligerent spirits in people which may keep them away of having amicable relationships and behaviours. Moreover, with the increased attention to the issues of conservation and preservation, the application of such sports is significantly disregarded.

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