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body languageBody Language – IELTS Speaking practice

Body LanguageIELTS Speaking Practice

Remaining Time to the Class

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Class Rules:

Teacher on SkypeYour assignments that MUST be completed 24 hours before the class, i.e. until Tuesday, 9:00 pm (Iran):

  1. Make a question about the topic of this session in the blue comment form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Reply to one of your classmates’ questions in the blue comment form below by pressing the Reply button.


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Related Idioms and Expressions:

Argue for/against: 

Please take an either positive or negative position to the statement below. You cannot be neutral. If all students have the same idea, the teacher will play devil’s advocate to have a heated argument.

Animals are more competent than humans when it comes to using body language.

Photo Scanning:

Please examine the photo below and try to come up with as many reasons as you can in support of the following statement:

Animals are instinctively more prepared to encode and decode body language signals.


Reaching a Conclusion: 

  • At the end of each session, we try to come to an informed conclusion on the selected issue.
  • The students are expected to take notes during the class and use their notes to reach a conclusion at the end of each session in around 2 minutes.

Call for Feedback:

Please help us to improve the quality of this class and our online community (LELB Society) by expressing your precious ideas about this question:

In our online classes, you have been experiencing three types of assessment: (1) self-assessment, (2) peer-assessment, and (3) teacher assessment. Among these three types of assessment, which one do you consider to be comparatively more important to create an ideally interactive online learning community? Please bring reasons for your opinions.

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  1. 1. How does body language help you to communicate?

    1. Perfect. ?
      And thank you for being the first student to leave comments. 🙂

      1. to be honest, making question is a bit hard so I tried to seize the opportunity after seeing the topic on the channel. 😉

        1. That was a fairly smart action to take. 😎
          Making a question/questions

    2. It is obvious that body language has a key role in our communication, because we can transfer our feeling and purpose easily by body language. According to the new research which published, there is direct relation between audiences’ trust and lecturer’s body language, so to effect on people we need to use body language in best way.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        ☹️ I’m sorry to remove your direct link. You know, I’m responsible for the content of this website, and I didn’t have time to review the information on that page.
        Corrections: ✍️
        feelings and purposes
        … research which was published
        there is a direct relationship
        so to affect people,
        in the best way

    3. From my point of view,When we learn a new language,no matter which language it is,we have to learn its own body languages too.as a matter of fact learning gestures which are related to diffrent part of the world can not only help you to communicate easily with people ,but also it will prevent effending people because gestures have diffrent meaning in diffrent parts of the world.For instance ,the sign of “OK” in european country indicates confirmation and approval,since people in Iran and in some south american countries, consider it as a discourtesy.
      From the appearence of humanbeing up till now it has been a convinient and successful approach in communication between people all over the world.

      1. Thanks for your thorough reply.
        Consider a space after any punctuation mark.
        Southern American
        appearance of human beings

  2. 2. Do you agree with this quotation in English “The eyes of men converse as much as their tongues”? Provide reasons.

    1. I do agree with this brilliant quote. Eyes are called the windows of the soul, therefore the signals of eyes are kind of the language of our hearts. Eyes contact is one of strongest form of body language to communication. Perhaps someone isn’t able to express her/his feelings precisely or she/he is deceiving, hence a little knowledge of eyes contact could be helpful to understand the real point of his/her conversation.

      1. Thank you for your comprehensive reply.
        Eye contact
        In this quote, the word, men, refers to humans including both genders.

        1. Thank you!
          I wrote postscript in the different paragraph to make it separated from my main answer to this question but I don’t know why after posting, all of them are shown in one paragraph. ?
          Maybe it’s better to omit this part to prevent of misunderstanding?!

          1. You did it right. There was a ‘Read more’ tag to your comment. If you had clicked on that tag, you could have noticed that your follow-up comment had been written in another paragraph.

  3. 3. How body language can have bad effect on our speech? What is the best way to prevent this problem?

    1. Corrections:
      How can body language affect our speech? 🗣

  4. 4. Why body languge is an easy way for communicating with people?what is the benefit of using ?

    1. ?
      Why is body language an easy way for communicating with people? What advantages/benefits does it have?

  5. Dear students, I strongly recommend that you try to correct your classmates’ comments grammatically. You can take a more active role and improve your grammar and accuracy in English. I can be there, helping you as well. It’s the easiest way if you do nothing and wait for my correction in a passive way. If you try to correct the errors/mistakes that your classmates make, you will automatically embark upon changing this place to an exceptional opportunity to practice trial-and-error and get closer to more accuracy in English. It’s up to you.

    1. It seems that the proportion of using the body language in humans and animals is revered, since animals are deprived of the ability of speech, most often they use their body language to communicate (sometimes they use their sound in communication). But what humans use as body language is different from animals. In fact almost all of the communication in animals is done through their body but human most often use some abstract signs to communicate. Clearly speaking, humans apply some complicated mental abilities in their communication which make it distinct from animals’.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        Some scientific facts about animal communication and language!
        Body language without ‘the’
        revered?? Did you mean ‘reverse’?

    2. With the development of language skills, the role of body language decreased gradually so human got away from their instinct. Since the animals are more instinctive behavior so using body language and knowing it is vitual for them.

      1. I agree with this point that using body language is a more instinctive and primitive approach to communication. Thank you.

  6. 6. Is it true that people from different counties with different languages use different kinds of body language?

        1. Dear Fatemeh, you could perform corrections on your classmates, including me, too. This is optional.

    1. It could be true, but, from my point of you, it fairly looks like a genuine thing that is so unique in all parts of the world. Of course, it could depend on individual’s characteristic type in order to choose the way of showing or interpreting that gesture.

      1. * … from my point of view * … in terms of choosing the way …

        1. Marvelous! I appreciate your attention, which is necessary for improving your accuracy in English.

      2. Thank you for your reply. ?
        I believe anthropologically speaking, there are some principles in using body language that are universal because they originate from our instincts to a high degree. However, there are some parameters as well. That is to say, you can find some exceptions in which some body language signals are interpreted differently in different cultures.

    2. Although most of symptoms as body language is common but we should be aware of the differences. Common behavior in a society may have the incorrect interpretation in the other communities.

      1. Absolutely correct.
        Truly anthropologically speaking, to give you a tangible example, this sign in western cultures signifies luck and victory. However, in our culture, I don’t think it connotes the same message ➡ ? ?
        So, when in Rome, do as Romans do.
        symptom ➡ sign, signal

    3. Excellent question! ?
      Thank you dear Sam for making corrections. ?

  7. 7. How can you misinterpret someone’s body language?

  8. 8. Anthropologists argued that all movements of the body have meaning and that nonverbal behavior has a grammar that can be analyzed in similar term to spoken language.
    Do u agree with above sentence? Explain your idea

    1. Such a technical question! Thanks.
      Please avoid using some informal signs such as ‘u’.
      Put a number before your question.

  9. 9. How much notice do you take of other people’s body language?
    How conscious are you of your own body language?

    1. I like this question so much. Bravo. ?

  10. Is subconscious mind the topic for the next session?

    1. Brain Adams said :”Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious identically creates. “

      1. Great point. ?
        Just please note that subconscious mind is the topic for the next session.

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