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Bourgeois Meaning in Context from 601 Words

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/ˈbɔːʒ.wɑː/ (adj & noun)

Bourgeois meaning

typical of or belonging to the people of the middle class in society particularly in terms of their conventional attitudes and materialistic values, conformist, conservative, predictable, money-oriented, staid, middle-class


Bourgeoisie is the social order that is dominated by the so-called middle class. In social and political theory, the notion of the bourgeoisie was largely a construct of Karl Marx (1818–83) and of those who were influenced by him. In popular speech, the term connotes philistinism, materialism, and a striving concern for “respectability,” all of which were famously ridiculed by Molière (1622–73) and criticized by avant-garde writers since Henrik Ibsen (1828–1906).

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Parts of speech

Noun: the bourgeoisie

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