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English Vocabulary about Criticism with Flashcards

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English Vocabulary about Criticism

English Vocabulary about Criticism


For older employees, the new system is an anathema.

Call someone on the carpet

The mother called the child on the carpet for entering a stranger’s car.


I have a few criticisms to make of/about your speech.


We’ll get nowhere if all you can do is criticize.


He launched into a long diatribe against the government’s policies.


The actor’s work for charity has recently been disparaged in the press as an attempt to get publicity.


We’ve seen enough of the damning indictment of the proposed useless method.


A stream of invective from some sectors of the press continues to assail the adopted policies.


The pickers agreed to inveigh against the law that curtailed their freedom.

Jump down someone’s throat

Why do you jump down my throat before you listen to what I have to say?


The magazine is famed for its merciless political lampoons.


Some students were heading toward the principal’s office for being penalized unfairly by their math teacher, Mr. Richardson.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

I wonder why you’re criticizing me for something you yourself are weak at, too! Haven’t you heard that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?


So much opprobrium was heaped on the teacher for administering corporal punishment on one of his students.


I was rebuked by my manager for being late.


reprehensible conduct/actions


His boss gave him a severe reprimand for being late.


His mother reproached him for not eating all his dinner.

Sacred Cow

They did not dare to challenge the sacred cow of parliamentary democracy.


Mr. Richardson gave the class a scorching lecture on proper behavior in the cafeteria.

Throw the book at

If you get caught, they’ll throw the book at you.

English Vocabulary about Criticism

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